March 22, 2014


HANDS!!! sorry for my bad hand writing

The point I’m trying to drive home, is that draw things the way that best suits you.  How-to-books had me all mixed up in my teen years, but then I decided to break the rules and do things my way.

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February 25, 2014




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July 08, 2013



I said that I’d show some tutorials I have saved up to someone, but decided that I’d just go ahead and post most of what I have stored away and create a sort of masterpost out of it. (I figure it’ll help me just as much since, as of now, they’re all pretty scattered between my Tumblr and bookmarks)

A lot of these are hosted on my personal Tumblr, but I don’t change my url so it’s pretty safe to bookmark them there (and not have to worry about the url changing) if you don’t wish to reblog them yourself for whatever reason.

Feline tutorials:

Canine tutorials:

Avian tutorials:

Human(oid) tutorials:

Dragon tutorials (and bat wings):

Equine tutorials:

Cervine tutorials:

Ursine tutorials:

Miscellaneous animal tutorials:

Background and objects tutorials:

Clothing tutorials:

General painting, drawing, and style tips:

Hope these help!

Helpful omg

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June 28, 2013


Cosplay Eye Makeup

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite cosplay channels ran by zWinnieYap.

She creates some amazing eye makeup that can be used for bishounen makeup, villain makeup, gyaru makeup, or any other application of her videos. Please like and share because she definitely deserves more attention for her craft!

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June 26, 2013





handy dandy face lighting references

Where the fuck has this been all my life?

I’m so fucking glad I found this

This is very handy, I have such a round face that lighting myself for reference just looks like lighting a basketball (spoiler, I’m fat haha) so a reference like this is awesome!

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